A film by Katy Scoggin



It's September 9, 1995: Slavenka's first day as the new German exchange student. Her first task? To give a speech auf Deutsch in German IV. When she figures out that only one kid in class, Morton, understands German, Slavenka makes a decision that leaves her wishing she'd never crossed the Atlantic. Morton tries to come to the rescue - but a language whiz is the last thing Slavenka is looking for. A comedy of language errors, double entendre, and the torture of teenagehood.


Friederike Marth as Slavenka
Alex Fast as Morton
Juan Grafton-Delgado as Evan
Deborah Clapp as Mrs. Finkle


Writer/Director/Producer: Katy Scoggin
Cinematographer: Christina Voros
Producer: Jason Sokoloff