A film by Danielle Morgan
USA 2012



DEADBEAT is a dark comedy about a woman in her late thirties who suddenly realizes how pathetic her life is. What started out as an earth shattering romance between a 17-year-old girl and a vampire has now settled into a lifeless relationship of dependence. Finally seeing their relationship for what it is, the question remains: How do you break-up with a vampire?


Vince Nappo as Jeff
Winnifred Bojean Alpart as Kaylie
John Brodsky as Jason
Sarah Kozinn as Andrea
Melissa D. Brown as Nina


Writer/Director/Producer: Danielle Morgan
Executive Producers: Lee B. ScharhonMorris L. Scharhon, & Jeff Wolk
Producers: Coral Aiken & Katherine E. Scharhon
Associate Producer: Ketki Pandit
Production Manager: Sehaj Sethi
Director of Photography: Katy Scoggin
Assistant Director: Sarah-Rose MeredithJosiah Signor, & Doug Choi
Sound Recordists: Greg Mailloux & Doug Choi
Production Design: Jennifer Thomas
Art Director: Tina Romero
Hair & Makeup: Fiona Mifsud