A film by Rob Meyer
USA 2013


On the eve of his widowed father's second wedding, fifteen-year-old David Portnoy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) leads the stalwart members of his local Young Birders Society on rollicking, interstate search for an extremely rare duck. Marvelous supporting performances by Ben Kingsley and James LeGros color Rob Meyer's feature film debut, a poignant, funny and ultimately winning look at the moments that change even the most intensely focused lives.


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              Cast                                        Crew

Ben Kingsley as Lawrence Konrad                                     Rob Meyer Director, Writer
Kodi Smit-McPhee as David Portnoy                                  Luke Matheny Writer
James LeGros as Donald Portnoy                                        Paula M. Bass, Line Producer
Alex Wolff as Timmy Barsky                                                Kirsten Duncan Fuller Producer
Briana Marin as Mara                                                         Michael W. Gray Executive Producer
Daniela Lavender as Juliana Santos                                  Goetz Grossmann Executive Producer
Katie Chang as Ellen Reeves                                              Lisa K. Jenkins Producer
Ethan Cohn as Jeff                                                              Dan Lindau Producer
Andy Prosky as Carl Senior                                                  R. Paul Miller Producer
Adam Barrie as Eric                                                             Linda Moran Co-Producer
Stephen Kunken as Ted Portnoy                                         Claire Pacacha Associate Producer
Ira Hawkins as Judge                                                           Krista Parris Co-Executive Producer
Lucas Near-Verbrugghe as Trent                                        Robert Profusek Executive Producer
Tobias Campbell as Rob Lindau                                          Ryan Silbert Executive Producer
Michael Chen as Peter Nessbaum                                       Jeff Wolk Executive Producer
Jessica Perez as Trish
Samara Amat as Cute Teen Girl
Leslie Korein as Paula
Sam Kiernan as Miguel
Zandi Holup as Evelyn Reed
Daniel Berger as Catapult Team Captain
Joel Can Liew as Mr. Edbrook